Melanie Audrey
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HER STORY: This one's a maverick. A maverick, by definition, is independent in their thoughts and actions and they aren't afraid to be set themselves apart from the crowd. She's a rule breaker but in the best way possible. You'll often find her exploring the most beautiful tropical places on earth. She is kind, real, thoughtful and so comfortable and confident in her own skin. 


Blue Jade: Blue jade will promote dreams and visions, and it will enhance your meditative experience. It will also help you come to decisions that will be based on your own learning and spiritual knowledge.

Blue sponge quartz: A calming stone, aiding understanding of one's spiritual nature - inspiring hope.

CARE: We make all of our bracelets with elastic so it's easy to put on and take off. We suggest removing your bracelets before water activities and before moisturizing.