Ambitious Globetrotter

melanie audrey

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She is beautiful, kind, truthful and ambitious. If she wants something, don't underestimate her, she will make it happen. She'll inspire you to go after what you want. She loves to teach the little kiddos and also loves her time off. The simplest things make her the happiest. Like a day on the beach or cozied up at home with a glass of wine watching a movie. Nothing complicated. If you need someone to be straight with you, you can always count on her to be honest. 


  • Picture JasperGrounding and harmonizing stone. Encourages creativity and business pursuits. Removes toxins from the body.
  • Howlite TurquoiseHelps in expressing emotion. Teaches respect, love & nurturing. Used to relieve depression & stress
  • HematiteVery strong stone. Absorbs negativity. Gives optimism & courage. Alleviates worry and anxiety


    • Small: Usually fits women with thin wrists
    • Medium: Made for women with an average size wrist
    • Large: Usually fits women with a larger size wrist
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  • Bracelet is on an elastic string.
  • Remove bracelet before swimming, bathing or putting on any lotions or moisturizers.

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Sizing Chart

Most bracelets come with a few sizing options. The best idea before you order is to measure your wrist with a soft measuring tape. When you measure keep it mind that you may want some room for the bracelet to move freely on your wrist. All bracelets are measured in inches. 

1. Measure the circumference of your wrist just above the bone (toward your body).

2. Take note of the point where the measuring tape hits the 0.

 Actual Wrist Measurement Bracelet Size Bracelet size (inches)
Smaller than 6" S 6 3/4"
6 1/8" - 6 5/8" M 7"
6 5/8" - 7 1/8" L

7 1/2"

7 1/8" - 7 5/8"


7 5/8" - 8 1/8"

 8 1/2"