I Got Sunshine

I Got Sunshine

Melanie Audrey
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HER STORY: If you’re lucky enough to have someone like her in your life, then you’ve found your sunshine on a cloudy day!  She is kind, an animal whisperer (she practically runs a zoo in her backyard with all the squirrels, raccoons and cats that visit her) and she's also a great listener. If you want an honest opinion, she’ll give you one, nothing sugar coated.   She’s a strong woman who’s passionate about her craft and has turned it into her dream job.  And she’s pretty darn good at it!


Yellow Quartz: Use this stone on the Solar Plexus chakra to help you learn from your experiences and gain self-confidence. Yellow as a colour symbolizes wisdom, warmth, creative joy!

Yellow Jade: It’s aligned with the Sun and the planet Mars, and it will encourage you to harness your personal power and achieve a sense of fulfillment.

CARE: We make all of our bracelets with elastic so it's easy to put on and take off. We suggest removing your bracelets before water activities and before moisturizing.