The Glue that Keeps Us Together
The Glue that Keeps Us Together

The Glue that Keeps Us Together

melanie audrey
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He is outgoing, a go-getter, an athletic guru, wild and devoted. You'll want to be around him all the time because he has such positive energy. You'll admire his ability to accept and understand others. He is a natural leader that makes things happen and keeps the bromance together (regardless of where he is in the world).


Red Jasper

  • Strong security and stability stone
  • Eases emotional stresses
  • Gives you courage to speak out and have personal independence
  • Will help balance the energy in the body

Black Onyx

  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Wisdom
  • Happiness 
  • Good Fortune

Lava Rock 

  • Elemental properties of fire and earth
  • Grounding & protection stone
  • Great connection to the earth
  • Will aid in finding focus and bring balance
  • formed from magma erupted from a volcano.
    • Handmade
    • Bracelet is on an elastic string.
    • Click here to find your perfect fit.
    • Remove bracelet before swimming, bathing or putting on any lotions or moisturizers.