Live Life To The Fullest
Live Life To The Fullest
Live Life To The Fullest
Live Life To The Fullest
Live Life To The Fullest

Live Life To The Fullest

melanie audrey
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Although he is no longer with us, he will never be forgotten. He will always be a part of this bromance so his bracelet incorporates all the stones of his fellow bros. This wild child was an adventurous, big hearted, hilarious, "Work hard, play hard" kind of guy. He knew how to live his life to the fullest. He is responsible for bringing so many people together from so many walks of life. When it came to his boys, he would sacrifice anything for them. 


Lapis Lazuli

  • A stone of communication that can bring truthfulness, openness, and mental clarity.
  • Said to help create and maintain a connection between the physical and celestial planes, creating a strong spiritual connection.
  • It can bring mental and emotional virility and strengthen the mind.
  • It also is said to enhance creativity.  
  • Its energy can help organize daily life as well as organizing and quieting a busy or restless mind. 

Green Zebra Jasper 

  • Provides motivation and energy to bring ideas to life and reach your goals
  • Can help you overcome apathy
  • Will aid in transforming your ideas into actions
  • Will give you courage to get to grips with your problems and to give you the determination to see projects through to completion.

Red Jasper

  • Strong security and stability stone
  • Eases emotional stresses
  • Gives you courage to speak out and have personal independence
  • Will help balance the energy in the body


  • Obsidian is the result of natural glass that is formed when hot lava is submerged in water.
  • This is a strong grounding stone
  • said to "mirror one's soul
  • warm and friendly stone
  • Changes fear into flexibility with the advent of change

Green Forest Jasper

  • A stone of connection to the Earth and living things
  • Honours the highest spiritual teachings from Nature.
  • It awakens a sense of joy at life’s simplicity
  • Carries a healing, invigorating energy of hope and renewal. 

Picture Jasper

  • Grounding and harmonizing stone
  • Encourages creativity and business pursuits
  • Removes toxins from the body

Mahogany Obsidian

  • Will ground and protect its owner. 
  • Use it for strength in times of need
  • Will help remove energy blocks
  • Aids to give new life to your purposes and goals


  • Protection and grounding stone
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Calms the nerves

Black Onyx

  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Wisdom
  • Happiness 
  • Good Fortune 

Lava Rock 

  • Elemental properties of fire and earth
  • Grounding & protection stone
  • Great connection to the earth
  • Will aid in finding focus and bring balance
  • formed from magma erupted from a volcano.


  • Handmade
  • 8mm stones
  • Bracelet is on an elastic string.
  • Click here to find your perfect fit.
  • Remove bracelet before swimming, bathing or putting on any lotions or moisturizers.