Christine Whyte | @c_dubbs_

When you know, you know! There’s a special connectedness that comes with a Melanie Audrey bracelet. Its not listed as a benefit of one of the stones or anywhere in the details, but it’s indisputably there. It’ll happen when you’re out and about in your everyday life; someone stops you to comment, “Is that a Melanie Audrey? The Audrey, right? I love that one!” You chat with this person about your bracelets, your travels, the weather, whatever. You’ve made a new friend because you both know; you know the excitement of the feeling of when you open the MA canvas bag, read the hand written note and slip the bracelet on for the first time. Then you’ll start spotting MAs when you least expect it! On a girl at yoga, the barista at your favourite café, on the wrist of your favourite DJ, in photos on a t-shirt company’s website. They’ll connect you with those around you, in a unique and unexpected way.