Alissa Rutman | @alikay7

Where did I take my MA? I don’t know. I mean, where didn’t I take my MA? I wore it scuba diving, wore it skydiving, wore it kayaking, wore it canoeing, wore it to hike glaciers, and just didn’t take it off.  I don’t like to follow rules, so even if the packaging advised me to take it off in the shower, I chose not to (also because I didn’t want to lose it). “Sail Away With Me” took part in my daily adventures abroad. I left home for the first time for 6 months to “study” abroad in Australia, but mostly to go on new adventures, become independent and experience life in another continent.  During my studies I traveled to New Zealand, Australia, and Indonesia. My last stop was volunteering at an orphanage in Bali for 3 weeks. A little girl couldn’t take her eyes off my bracelet. I figured there was no better place to leave my MA before heading back to Canada. My MA will be on a little orphan’s wrist in Bali forever, in great shape (these beads can really handle ANYTHING), and I can promise it’s being taken great care of. I can attest to the fact that these bracelets are not “just bracelets”. They have so much beauty and inspiration behind them that always made me want to explore, do more, and live every second to the fullest while I was sailing away. Thank you Melanie Audrey for such a beautiful bracelet that traveled across the world with me!