Meet: Adriana Botti

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At Melanie Audrey we're all about sharing stories and we're especially known for sharing stories about people. If you are new to Melanie Audrey, every bracelet is inspired by someone and shares a bit of their story. From now on we'll be putting a lot more effort into our blog space to share more about what inspires us. You'll find stories about people, travel, behind the scenes...all of it. This post marks the first of our "Meet" series where we'll introduce you to the people we meet along the way! :)
This week, we're excited to introduce you to Adriana Botti, the founder of Little Words Project. This is the company we are currently running a giveaway with! Don't forget to check out our instagram page (@bymelanieaudrey) to find out how to enter. We asked Adriana about her favourite moments with LWP and gave her a few personal questions to answer too! Check out her Q&A below!
Tell us a bit about yourself! 
My name is Adriana Botti and I am 25 years old. I Founded Little Words Project in November of 2013 and currently run the company as it's CEO. I am from New Jersey but have roots in both Mexico and Italy! 
How did Little Word Project start?
The idea for Little Words Project was born during my tenure at The College of New Jersey as the VP of Recruitment for my sorority. I was looking for a way to "keep the love circulating" amongst the sisterhood (which can often be a difficult feat in a group of 80+ women), so I made my first batch of word bracelets in a slightly different design. The girls absolutely loved them and shared them amongst themselves as opportunities to do so arose. Upon graduating, I found myself sitting on this really lovely idea that worked so well for my college sorority, that I knew I had to bring it to the masses. Before I knew it, I had hired a videographer, a web designer, and starting purchasing some higher-end materials to make the prototype for what would be the new and improved Little Words bracelets and the ball has been rolling ever since.
What's one of the best memories you have so far with LWP?
One of the best memories I've had with LWP so far was during our second Street Fair. We'd done some small publicity for it on our Instagram which then only had about 1,000 followers. We'd listed our location and encouraged customers to come check us out. The whole day seemed to be going by without a single established Little Words customer coming to meet us, until the very end. Right before the event was about to close, two young girls and their parents came over to us wearing Little Words. They'd traveled an hour to come check out our booth and meet us in person. They asked for pictures and told us how much their Little Words meant to them. It was that day that I was really convinced that we could have something great here. Something that could inspire young girls to be their best selves and to feel connected to other girls in a really special way. To this day, every single time a customer comes to see us at a Street Fair or Craft Show, I am filled with happiness. To know that our product is touching them this significantly that they'll travel just to meet us, means the absolute world to me. 
What's it like working at LWP?
It's a blast! We really do try to make the environment (which is currently a home office out of my studio apartment) as fun and girly as possible. We blast some fun Spotify playlists while beading and handling day to day business-development responsibilities. If you follow us on Snapchat at "TeamLittleWords" you'll see what I mean. :P
What's one piece of advice you would give someone who wanted to start a business?
"Do first, think later." I always say that if I had taken the time to think about starting this business and about just how hard it would be, I may have gotten cold feet. That's not to say that I'm intimidated by hard work or anything, but nothing really can prepare you for the experience of being a small business owner.  I really just made the snap decision one day to go for it, and the next thing I knew I was on a train that wouldn't stop even if I wanted it to. Sometimes it's important to throw caution to the wind and literally just go for it. So that's what I would tell anyone toying with the idea-- take the plunge and the rest will follow. 
If we told you you had the opportunity to nominate someone to inspire our next bracelet who would you choose to nominate and why?
Emma Watson! She is incredibly pro-girl power and so inspirational to us. We absolutely love how confident she is to stand up in front of the world and say it like it is. We as women should be inspired by women like that every day, so to wear a bracelet inspired by her, would be the perfect way to do so!
Use 3-5 words to describe your personality
Passionate, caring, determined 
What would you do if you won 10 million dollars? 
I would use some of it to get Little Words Project established in a location that could also be used as an after-school program for girls. I hope to one day be able to start a Little Words Project Foundation that offers girls of all ages a place to come and feel like they're apart of a sisterhood. 10 million dollars would obviously make that much easier to accomplish but I'm sure I'd be able to use a fraction of that and donate the rest to the various organizations we support! Maybeee I'd selfishly squeeze in a trip around the world too :)
What kind of things do you love to do on your time off?
I love to read! I was an English major in college and am an avid reader. I strangely love US History and fiction novels that surround US History so when I'm not working on Little Words (which is typically only while I'm on a train to NYC) I get lost in a book. I also am really into flea market picking! My boyfriend is extremely gifted at finding and repurposing old items and I love joining him on trips to local fleas. It's so much fun to think that each piece was once owned by someone from the past and carries its own story...kind of like a Little Word! 
What are 3 places you would love to visit?
Paris, Spain, and Ireland. 
What is one thing on your bucket list?
To see my bracelets on the wrist of every girl from NY to San Francisco (or at least a majority of them :)). I know it sounds lofty, but I would love to know that our bracelets we're providing women everywhere with comfort and kindness. Also, a cross-country road trip!!
Do you have a quote you live by?
One of my favorite quotes to live by is actually by Steve Jobs. "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future." There's obviously no way to predict the future, but there is a way to work your butt off until the future comes and trust that everything you do now, will effect something big for you then. 
Bungee jumping or sky diving? 
Ugh. Neither! I may be the only person in the world that was crazy enough to sky dive and then completely hated the experience. Let's just say there's such a thing as falling completely WITHOUT style. No, these two feet will stay firmly planted on the ground, thank you! 
You can follow the Little Words Project on instagram @littlewordsproject or checkout their awesome creations at
Thanks for reading! 
- MA