Mission: New Heart Of Gold

Hey MA community!

It's Mel, your bracelet creator here. I'm just going to get right into it, we messed up.

Photo taken from Pinterest

Here's the scoop...Over the past week or so we've been hearing a lot of feedback about the charms on our Heart Of Gold bracelets. The charm itself is made of Zinc Alloy metal which is lead and nickel free. These charms are meant to last at least a couple of years but have quickly become not up to par with our standards. If you've been experiencing a discolouration to your charm this is what we are talking about. We've been hearing that this discolouration is unavoidable and happens often but we are simply NOT ok with it. We want you to purchase a bracelet that will last you a long time (with good care of course) and that you're over the moon about wearing! 

So...here is our mission for the next couple weeks. Everyone who has received a Heart Of Gold bracelet will be getting a new one. Yes, a new one and we'll be contacting every single person by email to let them know when it will be shipping out. It doesn't matter if your bracelet is perfect and you're not experiencing anything I'm referring to, you will still be getting a new one. 

The design will be pretty identical but here are 2 changes that you'll notice. The new hearts are brass, plated in 16k gold with an anti-tarnish finish. That being said you guys may notice that these little guys experience some tarnishing over some time. The same bracelet care rules still apply - remove your bracelet before anything water related, before applying any creams or moisturizers, for extra added care you can even store this beauty back in its bag when you're not wearing it. We will also be adding something to the design to reduce the amount of friction from charm to beads (to avoid the surrounding beads from being coloured).

We're really sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused anyone but we're hoping you love this new bracelet 10X more and puts a smile on your face! We'll keep you updated on our "Mission: new heart of gold" project. Thanks for your patience and understanding while we figure this out. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to email us bymelanieaudrey@gmail.com we'd be happy to chat!

Much love,

Melanie Vandersluis
Founder & bracelet boss