Gift Wrapping with Rebecca Shaw

We aren't expert gift wrappers so we asked for some help from Emma Tripoli of Love Rebecca Shaw. She loves a good DIY challenge so we asked her to give us 2 ways she would gift wrap our bracelets. Here is a step by step guide with what she came up with. 
  • Place gift in box (obviously!)
  • Measure out how much wrapping paper you need. Always give a little extra paper. Can trim off the excess as you’re wrapping.
  • Starting with the box upside down, have the wider part of the box parallel to you, pull the paper over to cover half of the box. You can put a piece of tape to keep it in place.
  • Pull the remaining paper over to cover the part you taped down. I like to fold it under so it has a cleaner finish.
  • Turn the box to now work on the sides. Fold in each edge similar to how a milk carton folds, making it look like two triangles pointing out.
  • Fold in the sides, I like to cut off the tip of the triangle so it’s not as bulky.
  • Fold the other side over it, again I tuck the extra piece under so it gives it a smooth finish. Place a piece of tape to hold it down.
  • Repeat steps 5 through 7 to close up the other side.
  • Time to place the ribbon. Starting with the box top up, place the ribbon horizontal, pull both sides under the box, place the piece of ribbon in the opposite hands, pull them over the top and bottom of the box, having the ribbon now hooked together and making a + (plus) sign.
  • Tie the ribbon into a bow on the top of the box.
  • Place it under the tree!

If you don’t have a box to wrap your gift in, another way is to just use the wrapping paper and some fun packing stuffing.

  • Measure out your paper, cut into a large square.
  • Fold the paper in half and press in the centerfold. This will mark where the middle of the square is.
  • Angle the square so it now looks like a diamond shape. Fold in 3 of the corners to the center point. Tape all the edges. This now looks like an envelope
  • Stuff the envelope with some of the packing, place the gift, add more stuff.
  • Take the remaining corner and fold it down, having the point touching the bottom fold. Tape it down.
  • Time to apply the ribbon, any style you like. Having the flat part of the envelop face up, lay the ribbon horizontal, wrap it under the package, link ribbon together and wrap over the package. With thin ribbon I like to double it up.
  • Make a bow with the ribbon, double knot it. Cut the loops, now take your scissors and curl all the pieces.
  • All finished!

You can check out Rebecca Shaw by clicking here or follow her on instagram @loverebeccashaw
Happy wrapping! 
Love Rebecca Shaw & Melanie Audrey