Melanie Audrey X lululemon Laval: #GivePresence

We worked on a really fun project with lululemon Laval that has now come to life! Before we tell you about it, the idea came from Alexandra Otis (, one of their awesome ambassadors. Amanda Weil (Manager at lululemon Laval) gave us a call to see if we could make bracelets for their theme of "Give Presence" for this holiday season. Once we heard the idea we had to say yes to the project! The intention behind this bracelet is when you are in conversation with someone and they ask about your bracelet it is a reminder to stay present. Be there. Listen. Then give the bracelet to that person and explain the story behind it. Now it's their turn to pass it on to someone else and #GivePresence.

There are only 47 of these bracelets made and we want to see how far they get. They will not be sold online. If you are passed one, tell us the story of how you got it on Instagram. Tag @bymelanieaudrey & @lululemon with #MelanieAudrey #lululemonlaval #lavallocal #GivePresence. If you don't have instagram then send us an email with your picture and story to

This morning, Moksha Laval hosted lululemon Laval's free Sunday morning yoga class. When students woke up from savasana they woke up to this little surprise next to them! #GivePresence bracelets are officially in circulation! 

Happy Sunday everyone and remember to be present with your loved ones this holiday season!

The name of the bracelet: Soyez Present/Give Presence

STORY: This holiday season, what if we took the time to give presence instead of presents? What if we looked up from our phones and gave our undivided attention to the person right in front of us? What if we took the time to spend even just a moment with the ones we love. When someone notices this bracelet on you, do exactly that. Be in the moment. Engage in the conversation then pass it on to them so they can pass the message onto someone else. It's time to focus on what really matters. After all, "attention is the rarest form of generosity". This holiday season, don't forget to #givepresence.