Meet Kat & Kev

Meet Kat & Kev! 

They, along with their team, are the inspiration behind our Special Edition Aloha.Ohana.Kokua. (aka. Love, Family, Help) bracelet. This saying rings very true for them as they are getting ready for, in our opinion, one of the craziest races out there, the Ultraman World Championships. At the end of this month they will pack their bags and their crew and head to Kona, Hawaii to compete.

What does the Ultraman consist of you ask? It is a 3-day, 515km ultra-endurance triathalon race which circumnavigates the big Island of Hawaii. This event is by invitation only, with a maximum of 40 internationally chosen competitors racing each year. It's a 10km swim, 480km bike and 84.4km run. Athletes are required to have a crew of at least 2 people with them for the duration of the race, whose task is to help navigate the course and provide the physical, mental and spiritual guidance needed to complete this event.

We can't imagine them doing this race without your team's help. This is why we wanted to create this bracelet. Their story about how important their team is to them was incredibly inspiring! We can't wait to sport our Aloha.Ohana.Kokua bracelet, cheer them on and send them good luck & good vibes from Montreal. We love their story and want to share it with the world. 

If you want to follow their adventures you can follow them on instagram: Kat @triathalonteam & Kev @triitkev